Pilots | QR Codes on Plastic Packaging

Polytag teamOct 20, 20227 min read

Communicate directly with your customers by digitally enabling your packaging with quick response QR codes.

Generate GS1 Digital Link QR codes, manage mobile-optimised landing pages and view rich analytics on the Polytag platform. These QR codes, sometimes known as 2D codes, have been created to meet the needs of consumers and the industry.

B2B and B2C communication

QR (quick response) codes are scanned by customers’ mobile phones, which leads to a webpage managed by the brand, linking the physical barcode to a digital site, with no app download necessary.

The GS1 Digital Link QR codes can be read at ePOS and by reverse vending machines (RVMs). The codes improve data sharing between all stakeholders in the supply chain.

Utilise the GS1-compliant QR code to engage customers with recipes, competitions, sustainability messaging, ethical sourcing information and nutritional information. In the current information age, consumers no longer need to rely on a product’s packaging to receive all the information they may need, strengthening brand loyalty.

The future of barcodes

GS1 predicts that the 1D stripy barcode, seen on all retail products today, will be scanned at checkouts for the last time by the end of this decade. GS1’s Project Sunrise is aimed to meet the needs of the modern consumer.

The QR barcode meets the evolving needs of the supply chain and consumers.

Standard printing processes

The static GS1 Digital Link QR code is unique per GTIN, unlike Polytag’s unique-every-time QR code, which is needed to implement a digital deposit return scheme (DDRS). Plate printed in the usual process, the code holds the GTIN’s syntax according to GS1 standards. QR codes encourage customers to scan to become better educated on products and brands.

These codes are low-cost to implement and can be updated as frequently as needed without any extra charges. Group barcodes together, or have one landing page per GTIN.

Help customers to make informed decisions about the products they buy and support companies that give customers the information they need. The GS1 Digital Link QR code also improves product authentication and enhances product recall readiness for brands.

Take action to digitise your label and bring your product into the next evolution of packaging.