Blighty Booch teams up with Polytag for innovative QR Codes!

Polytag teamOct 30, 20237 min read

Wales-based Blighty Booch Kombucha has joined forces with Polytag, implementing GS1-approved, unique-every-time QR codes across its product range. In collaboration with Limpet Labels UK, based in Wrexham, these QR codes are printed using the revolutionary SCREEN technology, giving Blighty Booch products a fresh and dynamic (and triple Welsh!) voice.

Blighty Booch is embracing this collaboration as a step towards a more interactive and personalised connection with consumers. The implementation of our unique-every-time QR codes marks a significant move in leveraging technology to enhance brand communication and engagement.

Polytag’s QR codes offer consumers an unparalleled experience to claim rewards and learn more about the brand behind a product. Mark Pavey, Director at Blighty Booch, expresses his enthusiasm, stating, “The QR codes have the potential to revolutionise the way brands come to life for consumers.”

Polytag’s approach allows brands to communicate directly with consumers about products, ingredients, and health benefits. Further, the bespoke landing page feature facilitates a seamless connection to online services, enhancing the overall consumer experience.”

For brands seeking to elevate their consumer experience and gain insights through advanced technology, Polytag is currently offering a six-month free trial of our dashboard, QR Codes AND our UV Invisible Tags. Don’t worry – no credit card or payment obligation is required.

Join Blighty Booch in this exciting journey of redefining consumer interaction through state-of-the-art QR code technology!

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