Legislation - Your Guide To Customer Engagement

Polytag teamFeb 3, 20237 min read

Your Guide To Customer Engagement

On this page we explain the benefits of QR codes and how they can support customer engagement.

What is a QR code?

QR (quick response) codes work in a similar way as a barcode and hold detailed information and URLs in a small black and white square that is easily scanned by phone cameras.

One QR code. Multiple uses.

QR Codes For Marketing

Polytag has harnessed the power of a QR code and adapted it to create a business-friendly solution to market to customers directly. Our platform has been developed for businesses to create a landing page for the QR code that can be filled with videos, photographs, text and links to help you promote your product successfully and educate your customers. The landing page created can be branded completely to your business. It can also be changed easily and as quickly as you choose.

QR Codes In Digital Deposit Return Schemes

Not only does the QR code take customers directly to your branded landing page, but can also be used to meet your business’s sustainability needs. With the introduction of Deposit Return Schemes, Extended Producer Responsibility and the Plastic Packaging Tax, the government and consumers are becoming more engaged in reducing plastic waste and finding suitable solutions to the current plastic problem.

Each QR code applied to the label is unique and serialised, meaning that it can be used in conjunction with a Digital Deposit Return Scheme.

  • When the QR code is scanned with an app, the deposit is put into the digital wallet in the phone. The recycling is then placed into the customer’s recycling bin. The system is fraudproof and encourages the use of the existing recycling infrastructure that has been established in the UK.
  • When scanned with the phone’s native camera, the QR code takes the customer to the landing page, filled with information to successfully promote your brand and educate your customers.

GS1 Compliant QR Codes

Polytag is an approved partner with GS1, meeting high standards with our QR code technology. The black QR code is built to an open standard, meaning that the URL can be decompressed with GS1’s decompression algorithm.

QR codes are the future of barcodes, and the Polytag solution allows for interaction with QR codes throughout the product lifecycle – enabling the packaging circular economy, and offering brands unlimited customer engagement opportunities.

The Benefits of QR Codes:

Never-before-seen analytics

QR codes allow you to see a wide range of analytics that have never been seen before. From dwell-time, to bounce rate, to user location, unlock new information that you have never seen from your customers.

Direct to landing page

You can control what the landing page holds and direct customers to the content you want them to see right away. This can be quickly changed based on seasonality and events, new campaigns or anything else you want to share with your customers!

Update your pages frequently

Polytag has made the back-end simple to change. The intuitive platform allows you to host videos, photos, text, and external links and gives you control over fonts and colours.


The QR code can be used for digital deposit return schemes in an app, but when used with the native camera, it can take the customer to the branded landing page. The page is filled with content that not only represents your brand, but also can deliver the key sustainability messages you wish to share with your customers, from the carbon impact of your product to how best to recycle it.

Minimal label space

The beauty of QR codes is that they can hold a vast amount of information in a small space. Needing only to occupy a small area, the QR code can be used as part of Digital Deposit Return Schemes, or for marketing purposes.

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