Sipping with a purpose – Polytag joins forces with One Water

Polytag teamJan 23, 20247 min read

We’re thrilled to share some exciting news from Polytag (yes…more!).

We recently announced a game-changing partnership with One Water, the UK’s leading ethical hydration brand! Our collaboration aims to redefine sustainability in the beverage industry by integrating our unique-every-time QR codes onto selected One Water products, now stocked in Starbucks and leading retailers.

What sets our collaboration apart is traceability. The QR codes grant invaluable insights into consumer behaviour—where products are purchased and engaged with. This depth of understanding will remain a valuable tool in One Water’s ongoing commitment to being the UK’s leading ethical hydration brand.

Why Polytag?

Our GS1 Digital Link QR codes provide extensive analytics, keeping brands ahead of market trends and upcoming regulations such as extended producer responsibility (EPR) which is set to be fully operational by October 2025. As Alice Rackley, our CEO of Polytag, aptly puts it, “This collaboration represents a milestone in leveraging technology for brand promotion while contributing to the betterment of society. Our QR codes offer hyper-relevant content about the product the customer is holding, something no other QR code can do right now.”

Look out for Polytag’s codes on One Water’s 500ml and 750ml plastic bottles of both still and sparkling water, and the 330ml and 750ml still and sparkling water glass bottles stocked in Starbucks, World Duty Free and leading retailers now. To access our trailblazing GS1 Digital Link QR codes, and get the first 6 months completely free of charge, visit here: Read the full story here