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Ecotrace: A Revolution in Recycling

Launched in 2024 by industry leader Polytag, Ecotrace is transforming how stakeholders navigate the circular economy. This collaborative effort fosters transparency and efficiency across the entire recycling journey.

The Power of UV-Tag Detection

Our mission is simple: to seamlessly collect data directly from recycling facilities without disrupting operations, through the deployment of cutting-edge UV Tag Readers in the UK’s top recycling centres. On packaging, brands apply the Invisible UV Tags using a specified ink that is low-cost, invisible to the human eye and eco-friendly. The tags, seamlessly integrated into the packaging production stage, provide invaluable insights into the lifecycle of packaging materials.

Joining Ecotrace means gaining access to a wealth of information through Polytag's intuitive dashboard. Track your packaging's journey from disposal to recycling, empowering your brand with unprecedented visibility and control.

Sustainable Solutions, Tangible Impact

By incorporating invisible UV tags into your packaging, you're not only embracing sustainability but also enhancing the groundbreaking sorting process for materials like PET and HDPE. Ecotrace fosters a robust supply chain for recycled plastic within the UK, translating to a significant increase in the availability of UK-sourced rPET. Join Ecotrace today and be at the forefront of the circular economy revolution.

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