Daily Telegraph: Ocado shoppers could get cash back to scan recycling under delayed deposit return scheme

Polytag teamNov 25, 20227 min read

We’re delighted to announce a world-first partnership with leading online grocery retailer, Ocado. Working with Xact and Interket we are placing our unique-every-time QR codes on 1.6m of the retailer’s milk bottles.

Ocado is set to revolutionise recycling with a trial that allows customers to scan QR codes on milk bottles for cash back, making recycling more convenient and rewarding. Developed by Polytag, this technology is part of a broader effort to increase recycling rates and reduce street litter, aligning with future deposit return schemes in England and Wales. This trial not only tests the practicality of QR codes on a large scale but also represents a significant step toward environmental sustainability through innovative recycling solutions.