Pilots | Wells Dairy Farm QR Code Printing

Polytag teamJul 13, 20227 min read

Polytag ran a groundbreaking pilot where we printed 40,000 unique-every-time codes using standard plate-printing technology.

Deposit Return Schemes.

Deposit Return Schemes are implemented across multiple countries on the globe, using cash incentives to help the number of high-quality materials returned for recycling. A similar scheme is planned for the UK, and within that, there are hopes that the scheme will adopt digital technologies to track products throughout the product lifecycle.

A digital DRS has multiple benefits for consumers, retailers, local authorities and brands.

Serialised Printing.

A successful digital DRS requires the application of ‘unique-every-time’ QR codes to every single item of packaging. This ability to describe, tag and trace packaging at any point in its lifecycle is an essential part of a functioning circular waste economy. But up until now, it has only been possible to print ‘unique-every-time’ QR codes using digital label printing.

Polytag has worked on a system that uses existing plate-printing methods but still delivers ‘unique-every-time’ codes, integrating with existing processes and fully GS1 compliant. The codes offer customer engagement opportunities and will be the future of barcodes at the point of sale.

The GS1 Digital Link QR codes are unique-every-time and transport customers to a landing page when scanned using the native camera app on their mobile phone.