Polytag’s becomes GS1 UK partner

Polytag teamJun 21, 20217 min read

Following a rigorous certification process, Polytag’s technology has successfully passed the GS1 UK partner approval process, meaning Polytag’s describe, tag and trace software is built to meet GS1 standards.

The Polytag solution has been checked by GS1 UK and has met compliance with the following GS1 standards: GS1 identification key – meaning processes and logic comply with Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) standards. Polytag can encode and decode GS1 Digital Link into appropriate data carries, enabling the use of its tracking technology. GS1 identifiers and application identifiers held within a GS1 Digital Link have been compressed (and can be decompressed) using GS1 open standards published in github. This means the labels on recyclable goods can be successfully tracked and interacted with as they move through the recycling process.

Through the creation and maintenance of unique GS1 numbers, GS1 UK supports over 58,000 members by providing solutions to uniquely identify, capture and share information about products, people and places everywhere. This certification is an important step in the mission for Polytag to deliver a more efficient circular economy by enabling stakeholders to collaborate easily through the use of global, interoperal data standards.

Polytag will be appearing alongside GS1 UK, at LARAC Wales 2022, on 12th of July 2022, where they will reflect on the key issues around running an efficient and effective local authority waste and recycling service – in particular digital DRS and EPR compliance.

Alice Rackley, CEO of Polytag, added: “We are thrilled to have passed the approval process with GS1 UK, and are proud of this important step in the development of Polytag’s technology. As we move forward, it is great to have joined GS1 UK on their partner programme as we drive forward in our mission to recycle more, together.”

Anne Godfrey, CEO of GS1 UK, added: “The partner approval process is a critical part of delivering our purpose, by demonstrating the power of GS1 standards to transform the way people work and live. We are delighted that Polytag has successfully completed the approval process and know they will drive the application of standards into the market to help consumers and businesses make more sustainable choices.”