QR Code Innovation: Mallows Beverages Partners with Polytag For Their New Line Of Gin Flavours

Polytag teamJun 21, 20247 min read

In an exciting development for gin enthusiasts worldwide, Mallows Beverages is launching their new Blood Orange and Pomegranate Gin with the innovative addition of GS1 Digital Link QR codes on every bottle. This groundbreaking collaboration with Polytag is set to transform how consumers interact with the brand, offering a seamless blend of technology and taste.

Innovative QR Code Technology Meets Premium Spirits

Mallows Beverages, a global brand, has always been at the forefront of delivering exceptional gin experiences. With the release of their Blood Orange and Pomegranate Gin, they are taking consumer engagement to the next level. The incorporation of GS1 Digital Link QR codes on each bottle is a testament to their commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction.

"We're thrilled to be launching our new Mallows Blood Orange and Pomegranate Gin, and are even more excited to be incorporating GS1 Digital Link QR codes on every bottle. Mallows Gin is a global brand, and these QR codes will allow us to connect with our customers around the world in a whole new way," said Abby Mallows, Marketing Executive at Mallows Beverages.

Improving  Customer Experience with QR Codes

The QR codes will direct consumers to a dedicated landing page featuring a variety of delicious cocktail recipes, enabling gin lovers to experiment and create perfect gin cocktails at home. This user-friendly feature not only enhances the drinking experience but also fosters a deeper connection between the brand and its customers.

Furthermore, the QR code analytics will provide Mallows Gin with valuable insights into customer locations and interactions. This data-driven approach will help the brand tailor its marketing strategies and product offerings to meet the specific needs and preferences of its global customer base.

A Proud Welsh Collaboration

This venture is a shining example of Welsh businesses coming together to push boundaries and create unique consumer experiences. Mallows Beverages has partnered with Polytag, another esteemed Welsh company, to implement this state-of-the-art technology on their bottles.

"We're proud to be working with Polytag, another Welsh business, to implement this innovative technology on our bottles. It's a great example of Welsh businesses collaborating to push boundaries and create a truly unique consumer experience," added Abby Mallows.

Polytag: Leading the Way in QR Code Solutions

At Polytag, we are dedicated to providing affordable and cutting-edge QR code solutions for businesses of all sizes. Our partnership with Mallows Beverages exemplifies our mission to help brands enhance their customer engagement through innovative technology.

"We're delighted to collaborate with Mallows on this exciting project. By incorporating GS1 Digital Link QR codes, we are enabling Mallows Gin to offer their customers an enriched and interactive experience. It's a significant step forward in how brands can leverage technology to connect with their audience," said Rosa Knox-Bradley, Project Manager at Polytag.


The integration of GS1 Digital Link QR codes on Mallows Blood Orange and Pomegranate Gin bottles marks a significant advancement in the beverage industry. This collaboration between Mallows Gin and Polytag not only enhances the customer experience but also underscores the power of Welsh businesses working together to achieve innovation and excellence.

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