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Circularity made simple

Find your place in the circular economy. Polytag technology tags and traces packaging from the moment it’s labelled to the moment it’s scanned at recycling centres. Along its journey, follow never-before-seen lifecycle data to help inform your sustainability strategy, inspire new campaigns, and make recycling even more rewarding for your customers. In today’s world, what goes around stays around. Polytag closes the loop to keep more of your packaging in the circular economy – getting your team in the know and your brand ahead of the curve.

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Marketing managersBring a new dimension to your customer engagement.
Featured case study Ocado

Polytag gives you the edge by giving every product a voice. Use our codes to bring your brand to life, rewarding your customers with loyalty schemes, incentivising recycling with your own materials, and generating never-before-seen consumer insights that bring everything full circle back to your brand. We provide the unique-every-time QR codes – and make it easy to construct the landing pages they lead to – so that you can get creative and shape the future of your brand’s interactions.

Sustainability leadsSeize your moment to champion circularity and turn all the right heads.
Featured case study Co-op

Finally, the data you need to put your ideas into action. Polytag grants you full visibility of what your packaging is made up of, and how much of it gets recycled, so you can stop guessing – and start knowing – how best to trailblaze a sustainable path for your brand. Our tag and trace technology takes care of the head-spinning bit, providing you with the platform to pioneer measurable sustainability campaigns, incentivise recycling with a deposit return scheme, and leave your mark on the circular economy.

Recyclers and compliance agenciesSeize your moment to champion circularity and turn all the right heads.
Featured case study Ecotrace

Polytag technology gives you unprecedented oversight of what’s really flowing through your system. Use this data to unlock new collaborations with brands, new revenue streams from recycling initiatives, and new ways to stay ahead of the curve on packaging legislation. We help retrofit our scanners to your site – and get you set up with our real-time recycling dashboard – leaving you free to carve out your future in the data-driven circular economy.

PrintersBecome the cornerstone of your clients’ circularity strategy.
Featured case study GS1 x Ocado

With Polytag, your labels help illuminate the entire circular economy. Produce tags that deliver value far beyond the checkout, making your service stickier for existing clients and indispensable for brands exploring the power of next-generation QR codes. We’ve made it easy to integrate your process with our technology – and the wider packaging supply chain – so that you can concentrate on commanding your corner of the circular economy.

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