QR Codes – What’s the difference?

Polytag teamOct 31, 20237 min read

Have you ever wondered what sets Polytag apart from the rest? 🤔

At Polytag, we redefine the potential of QR Codes through cutting-edge technology, setting us apart in the industry. Our unique-every-time QR Codes offer a glimpse into the future of on-pack communication and barcode technology.

What makes us truly unique is our commitment to a future-proof solution. We embrace GS1-approved technology, ensuring that you stay ahead of changing legislation and market trends.

Our GS1 Digital Link QR Codes provide you with extensive analytics, making it easier for your stockists to manage their point-of-sale inventory. But it doesn’t stop there; these QR Codes also empower consumers with valuable product-level recycling information, supporting a sustainable circular economy.

Want to know more? Take a look at this graphic below, which shows how we stack up against our competitors.