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Polytag teamMar 10, 20227 min read

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Find out more about our demonstration days and what you’ll see by visiting us at AMRC.

In early 2022, Polytag hosted a range of the top worldwide brands, from leading retailers to manufacturers, label printers and recycling organisations at AMRC Cymru. Over 100 guests from 50 brands were welcomed over five separate sessions.

AMRC Cymru has been Polytag’s home for two years, working closely with them to conduct various tests and futureproofing the Polytag technology with some of Britain’s best engineering brains.

Polytag technology has been developed with all parts of the circular economy in mind, making previously unthinkable data easily accessible. Stakeholders in the packaging circular economy can exchange, update and access information about packaging thanks to intuitive Polytag account dashboards and apps.

Demonstration 1:

High-speed serialised printing

Polytag’s unique-every-time QR codes were demonstrated. Printing companies thought we couldn’t do it, but Polytag has invested in the technology and has the ability to print up to 150 metres per minute. The technology is entirely retrofittable to current printing processes, and our codes meet GS1 standards.

The codes can be used by companies for marketing and education, as well use for Digital Deposit Return Schemes in future.

The black QR code used within the Polytag solution is developed in line with an open standard.

It is a URL with the product barcode and a serialised code embedded in the data. Because the black QR code is a web address, Polytag has built the capability for brands to host content with an easy-to-use and convenient campaign scheduling tool and landing page builder, accessed through their account dashboard.

Consumers can access this content using their mobile browser – making the tag multifunctional – or ‘poly’ – and delivering ROI.

Demonstration 2:

Direct-to-consumer marketing and education

The QR codes, when scanned, lead customers to landing pages for marketing and educational purposes.

Our platform has been developed for businesses to create a landing page for the QR code that can be filled with videos, photographs, text and links to help to promote the product successfully and educate customers. The landing page can be changed instantly with access to the account dashboard.

Brands can see amazing analytics on the Polytag dashboard, from dwell time, to device, location, and the engagement rate of the content.

Demonstration 3:

UV tagging and supported IP

A demonstration of UV tagging was also given. UV tags can be applied via a simple plate printing process for the label or applied straight to the packaging.

The first Polytag UV tag reader has been installed at Abergele’s Gofer Bulking Centre and is being deployed across more waste and recycling centres. Local authorities and industries can see a breakdown of packaging ownership by brand.

The Polytag dashboard sorts data and calculates brand contribution under EPR, including the packaging composition and where it is being recycled in real-time.

Demonstration 4:

Deposit Return Schemes

The demo day also covered the trial Conwy Digital Deposit Return Scheme pilot. The pilot ran in conjunction with the Welsh Government to do a trial in Conwy, North Wales, and the impressive results this had.

Learn more about our Conwy Pilot here.

Upcoming legislation

Polytag’s work is getting brands ready for upcoming legislation including DRS, PPT and EPR. The technology we have developed and showcased in our demos was created with all of this in mind.

Read more about the legislation here.

Our Partners

Polytag is proud to have worked alongside the following organisations to deliver the highly successful Conwy kerbside DRS pilot.